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Era of Expansion and Change

download Andrew Jackson Report Card - MS Word document (2010-01-08)

Constitution Links

link Convention Topics

link Citizenship Practice Test

link James Madison Notes

link Declaration of Independence Signers Bios.

link Declaration of Independence Signers Chart

link US Constitution Online (click on For Kids: 8th-12th grades, Topics)

link Teaching American History: The Constitutional Convention

link The National Archives

download European Influence Table - MS Word document (2008-10-01)

download Articles of Confederation (2012-10-09)

Early Republic

link Jefferson vs Hamilton

download Political Parties Develop - MS Word document (2013-11-20)

download George Washington Presidency - MS Word document (2009-11-19)

War of 1812

movie Lundy's Lane

movie Montreal

movie Winter of Horrors

movie Battles 1813

link War of 1812 Cast Your Vote Perspectives

link Star Spangled Banner

link Samuel Wilson

link USS Constitution History

link USS Constitution Exploration


link Slave Religion

link Secrets: signs and symbols

link Pathways to Freedom


link Immigration Exploration

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link Immigration Simulation

download Immigration Notesheet (MS Word document)

download City Life Worksheet (MS Word document)

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Civil War

link MoviesIn4

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link Civil War Economics

link Battles (Southern Perspective)

link Battles (Possible Primary Sources)

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3D images

link 2-D Photo Analysis Online Form

CW4-Civil War Medicine movie

CW4-Soldier Live movie

CW4-Small Arms movie

link Civil War Jeopardy


link Lincoln Assassination Artifacts

20th Century

link American Home Front

link V-Mail

link Decades Research: Historical Eras

link Decades Research: Year by Year

link Decades Research: The People History

link Decades Research: About.com

Other interesting links

link 1908 Presidential Election sound bites

link Yahoo political poll webpage

link Popular Science Archives